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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely none. There are no setup, training or onboarding fees. Your monthly per user fee stays the same no matter what. The virtual desktop, phone service, redundant internet connections, etc., are all inclusive, with no limitations whatsoever. If your physical desktop or phone breaks, you get a new one, completely free, over and over again.

I am the CIO or IT Director. How will my function change? How will it stay the same?

With less IT issues, your time can be freed up to perform more managerial functions. Instead of focusing on the minutae of the daily grind, you can focus on the big picture. With Go Full Cloud, there are no more hardware issues to diagnose, workstations to image, or server crashes to worry about. You won't have to issue any RFPs for new servers, computers, or network equipment as everything is included for free. What won't change is that you are in charge of your IT department. You make all of the decisions. You will continue to handle all user issues. In short, your job function stays the same with less pressure, anxiety and worries.

Is Go Full Cloud more secure than my current on-premises setup?

Yes! Your current on-premises setup is being protected at the edge by a (usually out of date) firewall, weak to zero encryption, and little to no access control mechanisms. Go Full Cloud is as secure as online-banking:

  1. End to end bank-grade SSL encryption
  2. Data is stored in Microsoft Government Cloud used by the Federal Government and US Military. GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001, CSA/CCM, ITAR, CJIS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, IRS 1075, SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant.
  3. Location based multifactor authentication, IP based access and audit logging.

Can I use my current scanner, printer, and software?

Yes! The service supports all hardware and software and will be installed on your virtual desktop along with all of your data under your user profile. Scan to email or network folder from anywhere. While at home you can print to your local printer or print to the office printer.

What features does the phone system come with?

Go Full Cloud includes RingCentral, the #1 Cloud PBX system for businesses in the US. Just a few of the features that are included are: auto-receptionist, multi-level IVR, music on hold, extensions, dial-by-name directory, answering rules, call recording, forwarding, presence, intercom, paging, and voicemail. Click here to see the full list.

Will I really have 90% less IT issues with Go Full Cloud?

Although each municipality and each user is different, on average, yes, you should experience 90% less IT issues compared to your current on-premises setup. How is this achieved? Simply put, 90% of IT issues are due to a physical limitation, such as aging desktops or servers, lack of hard drive space, or not enough memory or CPU cycles to handle the workload. By migrating your technology to Go Full Cloud, there are no longer any physical limitations. There are no servers or desktops. They are completely virtual with the physical desktop simply acting as a gateway to get to your virtual desktop. We don't have any limits on space, memory, or CPU. No more servers. No more crashes. No more Windows Updates. No more reboots. No more viruses. No more upgrading, replacing, repairing, troubleshooting or RMA’ing hardware.

What are the benefits of getting all of my technology services from one provider?

The single most important benefit is accountability. Currently, when your phone system isn't working, IT blames your phone provider. The phone provider says it's all working on their end, it must be a network issue and they blame IT. Blame goes back and forth and you get stuck in the middle. Ditto for the internet. Ditto for the backups. Ditto for the hardware and software. No one is willing to take responsibility and you're paying multiple companies and providers with nothing but frustration and headaches to show for it. By making Go Full Cloud your single provider for all of your technology, the buck stops here. We don't attempt to blame another company or provider because there are none. Whatever the issue, we resolve it ourselves. Other benefits include: 1. One bill for all of your technology services. Less for accounts payable to worry about. 2. Fixed per user fee. Eases budgetary concerns. 3. Less paperwork. No more requests for bids, searching for vendors, or related paperwork for anything technology related as all hardware is included free of charge. 4. Ease of administration. No need to find the office manager from 10 years ago who originally signed up for internet in order to speak to tech support or for that matter, no need to keep track of multiple account numbers and credentials for different service providers. 5. Single point of contact for any issues. Since we provide all of the services, we are fully aware of all the moving parts that constitute your technology infrastructure and can provide the most efficient support to get those issues resolved.

Does Go Full Cloud protect me from viruses, malware and ransomware?

Yes! As you undoubtably have heard, municipalities have become the #1 victim in the $11.5 billion ransomware epidemic. Ransomware will encrypt your files and demand a ransom to decrypt them. If you don't pay, all of your data is gone. Local backups are erased and some newer forms of these viruses also wipe cloud backups. Even after a ransom payment there are countless stories of victims not getting their data back. Go Full Cloud users are completely 100% protected from all types of ransomware. How is this accomplished? By making automatic and continuous backups of the entire virtual machine which are completely outside the scope of what is going on inside the machine. We simply restore the most recent backup and minutes later your entire environment is ready to go! Additionally, we provide premium endpoint protection, DNS content and security filtering, spam and phishing protection, and a locked down environment which prevents users from installing viruses, malware and ransomware in the first place.

We are under contract with an IT vendor, phone company, or internet provider. What can you do for me?

We will pay any cancellation fees to your IT vendor and phone company. We are authorized resellers and partners for all internet providers and will assume your contracts with them. If you want to stick with your current phone service provider we will assume that contract as well.

We recently purchased expensive hardware. What can you do for me?

We will pay you back what you spent.


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